ready to eat greens

23 fruits & Veggies

Easy Greens is a powdered blend of 23 fruits and veggies mixed with fruit puree to bring you the most convenient way to get in your daily greens. It's exactly what it sounds like: Easy Greens. 

forget cleanup

Mess-Free Greens

Cleaning up after blending a smoothie isn't fun. Cleaning up after a blending disaster is even less fun. Easy Greens let's you avoid both and still get the same great superfoods and supergreens. 

Busy life? No problem

Never Miss Your greens again

Life happens. And then you don't get a chance to eat your greens. Well, not anymore. Easy Greens ensures you never have to miss getting in your daily greens. 

About Us

Started in 2017 by two young, busy entrepreneurs who realized they never managed to eat enough fruits and veggies (despite warnings from their mothers), Naturgel is a veteran-owned small business with the goal of bringing you easy, convenient ways to eat healthy on the go.